This month, 6th grade students will:

-demonstrate knowledge on subject pronouns in Spanish
-begin working with the verb SER
-use SER to talk about origin and possession
-complete a Reading comprehension activity

This month, 7th grade students will:
-complete their Shopping project using U3 vocab
-complete U3D3 grammar and vocab
-demonstrate knowledge of U3D3 through a quiz
-start U3D4 vocab and grammar


This month, 6th grade students will....

  • complete a listening activity with time
  • participate in class-wide reading comprehension activities
  • create and present a conversation in small groups
  • start work with identifying subject pronouns in Spanish

This month, 7th grade students will....
  • complete a quiz on Unidad 3, Desafio 1 vocab and grammar
  • complete reading comprehension activities on mini-stories 
  • demonstrate learning of vocabulary and grammar from Unidad 3, Desafio 2 (likes/dislikes, shopping, and clothing vocabulary)


This month, 6th grade students will....

- take Term 3 test
- learn how to tell time in Spanish
- be able to talk about and read a schedule in Spanish

This month, 7th grade students will....
-Take the Unit 2 test
-Read and analyze the chapter book Un principe para Tess
-Start Unit 3 vocabulary and grammar


6th grade
Students will....

  • Complete a comprehension activity on the story of Miley
  • Take notes on Days, Months, Dates in Spanish 
  • Take notes on Weather expressions
  • Use new vocabulary in a project

7th grade
Students will....
  • Review AR, ER, IR verb conjugation
  • Complete a quiz on the vocabulary and verbs of U2D3
  • Work with vocab of U2 D4 - free time activities


This month, 6th grade students will:

- complete quizzes on Spanish-speaking country projects
- Identify and explain use of articles - definite/indefinite
-Learn classroom expressions

This  month, 7th grade students will:
-complete writing task on Unidad 2, Desafio 2 vocab and grammar
-review emotions and conditions
-learn about expressing location in Spanish


6th grade students will...

  • review for and be tested on: numbers, cuantos hay, classroom objects, conversational vocabulary
  • complete and present a country project
  • participate in a story

7th grade students will.....
  • create their Mi casa projects, describing their own homes (real or fictitious)
  • review number and gender with nouns and articles in Spanish
  • take a quiz on Unidad 2, Desafio 1
  • Complete Unidad 2, Desafio 2 - vocabulary


6th grade students will:

  • participate in a story
  • create their first dialogues and present them
  • record a conversation in the language lab
  • begin working with classroom vocabulary

7th grade students will:
  • finish Unidad 1 and take the test
  • watch and discuss a documentary on Teotihuacan
  • read "El secreto de su nombre"
  • start Unidad 2