Spanish 7th:

This month, we are:
-Reviewing the alphabet
-Revisting the story of Miley
-Revewing Estar and emotions
-Demonstrating our understanding of the alphabet and emotions

Español 7 - Inmersión

Este mes, vamos a ....

-Demostrar lo que sabemos de los verbos SER, ESTAR y expresiones con TENER
-Empezar la novela "FIESTA FATAL"
-Repasar el vocabulario de viajar - Avancemos II


This month we are....
-learning about classroom routines
-reviewing useful classroom expressions
-applying classroom expressions to demonstrate understanding
-learning how to tell a class story
-reviewing 6th grade Spanish

7th I:
Este mes, vamos a...
-aprender como funciona nuestro salon de clase
-repasar lo que aprendimos el ano pasado
-leer algunos cuentos
-identificar los verbos en el preterito y el imperfecto

mayo 2019

Students in 6th grade will...

  • continue working with time and schedules
  • complete a comprehensible input video task
  • complete a story reading comprehension task
  • begin working with weather

Students in 7th grade will....

  • continue working with clothing, shopping, likes/dislikes vocab & grammar
  • complete Unidad 3
  • take Unidad 3 test
  • participate in a movie talk
  • start Berto y sus buenas ideas


6th grade:

This month, students will:
- Demonstrate their understanding of Classroom commands with a picture dictionary project
- Learn how to tell time in Spanish
- Participate in a movie talk

7th grade:

This month, students will:
-Finish reading Un principe para Tess, and demonstrate understanding of the events and characters
- Complete Unidad 3, Desafio 1: shopping and preferences vocab and grammar

marzo 2019

6th grade

This month, we will:

  • have our Term 3 test
  • celebrate World Language Week, Mar 3-9
  • learn how to ask and answer "Cuantos hay?"
  • learn common classroom commands and identify objects in the classroom

7th grade

This month, we will:
  • celebrate World Language Week, Mar 3-9
  • demonstrate understanding of Unidad 2, Desafio 3- grammar & vocab
  • Read "El secreto de su nombre"
  • complete Desafio 4
  • demonstrate understanding of Unidad 2 through unit test

febrero 2019

6th grade

This month we will:

- be assessed on our knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries and capitals
-review conversational vocabulary by creating and presenting a dialogue
-learn some helpful classroom phrases
-review numbers

7th grade

This month we will:

-continue working with Unidad 2: Puerto Rico
- learn how to talk about objects and furniture in a room of a house
-learn how to talk about location of objects and use prepositional phrases
- begin to study household chores